I have moved!

Hello There!

Happy New Year! Hope you had a fabulous and restful holiday.

With the onset of this New Year, I have a new site.

You can now find my blog here.

And my portfolio here.

All the best

Tamar :)


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10 on 10 – December Edition

My 10 on 10 this week fell on a day filled with snow, a work retreat with great colleagues, a lot of fun and laughter, good food and an overall feeling of gratitude.

IMG_7637 web

IMG_7646 web

IMG_7752 wb

IMG_7657 web

IMG_7639 web

IMG_7673 web

IMG_7703 web

IMG_7761 web

IMG_7743 web

IMG_7789 web

Now hop on over to Corinna‘s blog to have a look at what her 10 on 10 is like for December.

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Togetherness in Tofino – 10 on 10

Ok, so I have been sitting down here trying to find the words to describe a recent trip to Tofino I took with 6 other wonderful women photographers. I truly do not have the words to convey the experience had there and whatever I say will not do it justice. But I will try…

Our group formed after the Shutter Sisters retreat last year in Palm Springs. It was a great retreat for me and even more so as I met women photographers I was following online and it was so wonderful to connect with them in the flesh.

The camaraderie and inspiration I get from these women are special. We speak the same language through photography, our creativity, our passion. These women inspire me, they are good friends without us having spent much time together. Truth is spoken with them and much fun is had. They remind me to own it all when I don’t feel like owning my photography or anything else sometimes. Cherish, I AM OWNING IT ALL, every single piece of it. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

As a group we decided to start a 10 on 10 project, 10 pictures posted on the 10th of each month. As you will see I cheated by posted a tad more than 10 pictures, I could not resist!

on the ferry 1 copy web

beach scene web

meghan 3 web

cherish1 web

corinna 4 web1

Lindz 1 web

deb2 web

img021 web

Meg & Cher web

tara5 web

self web

group together web


Lindsey, Corinna, Cherish, Tara, Debra, Meghan, and me

now please go on over to lovely Corinna‘s blog to check out her 10 on 10 this month.


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Sibling Love

My kids are not the touchy feely kind. They will not approach you freely to give you a kiss or a hug. They are just not like that and I have come to accept it. They do however have their moments of pure intense love when it is given in pure abundance. I enjoy these moments most when I see the love and friendship between these siblings grow.

DSC_0066 web DSC_0063 web DSC_0075 web DSC_0031 web DSC_0088 web DSC_0028 web

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Little Aram

We have been travelling in London and France as of late. The best part of my trips to Europe is seeing my family and spending quality time with them. I miss them and it is a joy to see my nephews and niece and give them full on kisses filled with my auntie love.

Here is my sister and brother in law’s, Taline and John’s son, Aram. He is such a happy boy. It was his first try on the swing that day and I was there to capture it. There will be so many firsts for you baby boy. Life is so exciting and I hope you get to explore it to the full. I will be joyfully following your adventures. Love you to bits little one.

DSC_0469 web DSC_0474 web DSC_0477 web DSC_0480 web DSC_0481 web DSC_0482 web DSC_0484 web DSC_0487 web DSC_0499 web DSC_0500 web



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Cherish – Vancouver Portrait Photographer

I love taking portraits.  The layers within us captured through the lens.  Here is a portrait session with one of my favourite people, Cherish.

Continue to be your beautiful self, lady.

C1 web C4 web C5 web C6 web C10 web C14 web C15 web C17 web C19 web DSC_0468 web DSC_0484 web DSC_0487 web DSC_0491 web DSC_0496 copy web DSC_0498 web DSC_0503 web DSC_0508 web DSC_0511 web DSC_0499 web DSC_0513 web

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A day well spent

I was getting antsy. I felt like I was not taking enough pictures and if I was taking pictures it was mostly with my iPhone. I wanted to feel the big camera in my hands, I wanted to feel like a photographer again. So I decided to be kind to myself and instead of feeling bad about it I simply took my big camera and starting taking pictures. I had forgotten to take pictures of my everyday, after all this was a special day. It was a day that I was spending with my girl, she in a great mood and I the same, the weather good, we were making little jokes and laughing over eating mango. So I simply took pictures and some magic happened, at least my magic. (and she even managed to take a portrait of her mama!)

DSC_0460 web DSC_0465 copy web DSC_0476 web DSC_0483 web DSC_0490 web DSC_0494 web DSC_0496 web DSC_0500 web DSC_0521 web DSC_0523 web

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More love

DSC_0527 webWith the passing of each day, my love for this girl grows. When I don’t think I could love her more, my heart expands a teeny bit and gives room for more.

DSC_0490 web DSC_0480 web DSC_0496 web DSC_0529 web


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An afternoon walk with Tifanny

I met Tifanny at the park on a warm sunny evening just in time to catch the golden light. This girl is stunning, inside and out. She has a very quiet and serene presence with a bit of mystery. I am finding that I love taking portraits more and more, trying to catch the many faces that we have. The camera really captures the different characteristics of a person as sometime it is in that fleeting moment that our truth is seen.

DSC_0369 web DSC_0370 web DSC_0372 web DSC_0377 web DSC_0380 web DSC_0382 web DSC_0384 web DSC_0385 web Tifanny 2 web DSC_0464 web DSC_0460 web1 DSC_0474 web DSC_0472 web DSC_0480 web DSC_0483 web DSC_0484 web DSC_0486 web DSC_0489 copy web DSC_0491 web DSC_0493 web DSC_0496 web DSC_0499 web DSC_0502 web DSC_0513 web DSC_0518 web Tifanny 1 web Tifanny 3 web Tifanny 5 web

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On our way back

On a recent trip to Seattle. We took the train back to Vancouver for the first time and I am so wanting to do it again. Best way to travel.

2 copy web4 web 1 web

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