A New Decade

I entered a brand new decade yesterday and it really feels good. It is true that each decade does get better, at least for me. I definitely do not wish for my uncertain twenties even though there was lots of fun had during that time!

It was was a day filled with flowers, presents and good wishes from good friends and family. It was great to receive a package from my sister in London filled with goodies as well as cards of her beautiful artwork.

Love them all! I am hoping that she will find time to paint something special for my little family soon ;o)

And guess what I treated myself to?

Yes, these El Naturalista shoes are just gorgeous and so comfy – and the bonus is that they are in my fave colour, PURPLE. I must thanks my friend D for getting them first! ;o) (actually D got me a pair of really funky earrings – must show them to you later!).

Enjoy the weekend.


ps – how could I forget dinner at Bandidas with the hubs. As we were walking in the door we saw two old friends and ended up having dinner with them. It was not in the plan as I am really conscious of my tooth but it ended up being a low key fun evening.

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