I am still thinking about my word for 2012. I cannot seem to pinpoint one to direct my path in my 2012 journey. I was talking to Haig about this and he said well, why do you need one word? Yes, I could have several words but one word is so much more powerful – I feel it will keep me on track and allow me to explore many avenues…

Today, I woke up and got the kids ready for school. My plan was to take in a yoga class after the drops offs. As I entered the yoga studio I could still hear that voice inside my head saying… I have so much to do, oh the cooking, cleaning, oh, oh, oh… Until the moment I sat down on that mat I was not allowing myself to have this space of one and a half hours, this space that is completely mine, noone pulling at my skirt, ┬áno house pleading to be tidied. Nothing. Just me and my practice.

And I let go and just allowed myself to be.

Maybe that is my word for 2012, ALLOW?

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