Armenian Christmas – Shnorhavor Sourp Dznount

Today is Armenian Christmas – January 6 – The Armenian Orthodox Church still uses the Julian Calendar. It is a very religious day and is celebrated with family sharing a meal at the table. Armenian families usually open their presents on New Year’s Eve, however, that is not the case in Vancouver. It would be unfair to ask my Little People to open their presents a whole 5 days later than their friends, don’t you think?

However, it did not feel much like Christmas today as I had dental surgery which went very well. When things like this happen though it makes one realise that the body is not what it used to be, it is getting older ;o)

I spent some of the day on the sofa crocheting a new pattern that I will share with you soon – It is quick and very easy to do but as always a little time consuming but not too much mind!

And while googling about Armenian Christmas I came across The Armenian Kitchen with their recipe for Anoushabour, an Armenian Christmas pudding. Will definitely revisit their site, Armenian food recipes galore!

Yum. Maybe I will make it soon!

Now back to putting ice on my mouth!


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