Birthdays, fun and beautiful things

Hello dear ones!

Good to be back here ready to share snippets of our last few days – to be honest I did want to write earlier but alas family life does call me loudly and I have no choice but to run answering!

Well, let’s see, where to begin – we had the little man’s friend’s birthday at the weekend and it was just full of joy and fun – it is always lovely to see kids laughing dancing and finding their way in this big wide beautiful world. To top it all, the Birthday Boy had a lovely cake made for him by a good friend of the family and it looked fabulous…

Isn’t it a fab rocket ship?  I love it! It inspired me – so much so that I am going to attempt to make a cake (theme to be determined) for my little man’s birthday in a couple of weeks!

What else happened in the past few days? oh yes, the grandparents returned from a Scandinavian cruise and brought back some lovely goodies with them, one of them being a Matryoshka doll (although that was not intended for us – boohoo!) – isn’t it lovely though? the colours, that smile, that beauty?

We received a lovely book of Russian fairy tales and a couple of other things which I will share with you tomorrow.

But most exciting of all, guess what? My little man begins Kindergarten tomorrow – am I ready? NO! am I excited? YES, YES, YES!

Another thing that excited me today was Lucy’s post and her Toilet Roll Project – what fun people she created and I think I will follow her footsteps when I get some time to be creative! As if that wasn’t enough, Lucy led me to another lovely blog, Teawagon Tales, which I will try and follow whenever time allows me – here is Jane’s toilet roll creations – I love stumbling upon creative people and get inspiration from their work, just love it!

And finally, I just visited Amy and look what wonders she has led me to – Ellen Giggenbach! Thanks Amy!

Well, my dears, I must go and have a little tea before putting my head on my pillow to nodland!

Stay well and see you soon xx

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