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Ani on Polaroid

I love this girl. I love photographing with my Polaroid cameras. I love Impossible film. It creates so many possibilities which appear like magic in front of your eyes. Yes, this girl is magic too.    

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She turned 4 today.

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My intentions for the day were set yesterday evening. I was to wake up early, get ready quickly and set off to work. Yep, that is what was going to happen, and of course it did not. Ani woke up … Continue reading

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On my children

This girl of mine is growing up. Yes of course you say, that is what happens usually. But you know what, it struck me yesterday how quickly she is growing. She spent most of the day in her pyjamas just … Continue reading

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I love watching her on the swing. The smile. The elation. The pure fun of being in her world and feeling like she is enough. And occasionally turning back with the words “push me mama, faster mama”.

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Some random shots I want to share with you today. Hope you are having a happy Sunday!

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Sand Fun

Now that it is summer our trips to the park become an everyday, several times a day, occurrence. and off we go… My favourite part of this daily routine is the sand box. This is one of the only times … Continue reading

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Spring with Ani

A few weeks ago I filmed Ani at the height of our spring in Vancouver. I will hopefully create a short movie of this soon, but in the meantime I wanted to share a picture from that wonderful day with … Continue reading

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Spring with Ani

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To be a photographer

Recently I came across this quote by American photographer, Harry Callahan. “To be a photographer, one must photograph. No amount of book learning, no checklist of seminars attended, can substitute for the simple act of making pictures. Experience is the … Continue reading

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