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Unpredictable beauty

There are flowers everywhere, for those who bother to look. ~Henri Matisse This picture reminded me of this quote. Today I am thankful for this (and yay, blog is active again!).

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The weekend

My friend Melina and I took part in the Blim Community Market this past Sunday. It was fun to spend time with Meli as I really love her company. Our families and some friends dropped by to say hello which … Continue reading

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Not much time

Thought I would pop by and say a quick hello. This week has been pretty busy so far but I have stopped and ‘smelled the flowers’ so to say a few times… I must admit that the rain was constant … Continue reading

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Little note

My Little Man is very impulsive and for this he has got into trouble at school a few times. I have felt a little frustrated with this as it just does not feel good to be called in about 3 … Continue reading

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The beauty of spring


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New project

I am so excited these days… I cannot wait to sit down and move these fingers and hands of mine in a happy frenzy anticipating the end of my project and imagining how it will look in its final glory! … Continue reading

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The light out there

Go on. Open the curtains. It’s a bright new day today. Happy Sunday! ♥♥♥

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Lovely Snow

Driving back from a night out yesterday, I had to stop the car in the middle of the street to take a picture. I didn’t dare go out of the car as: 1. I was freezing. 2. I had heels … Continue reading

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Shutter Sisters Love

I discovered Shutter Sisters a few weeks back and have been following their blog since. I read every post (I don’t just scan over them) as there is so much support and community within the words that are put out … Continue reading

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Expecting Beauty

I saw my friend Natasha today. She is expecting any day now. I love the beauty in pregnancy… I got to take a few pictures of Natasha. Stunning! xx

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