Cotton candy

The other day, my boy and I went for a bike ride to the neighbourhood’s skate park for EastSideWest. It ended up being a bad time of the day for a photo opportunity, you know that time when the sun is high up in the sky and shining straight down on you. Not a good light situation at all.

So instead we rode a bit more and then ended up at the famous ice cream store with I think over 250 flavours. And he chose cotton candy.

He scoffed it down while avoiding the lens of my camera. I managed to capture a few moments at least. Aren’t the colours lovely?

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2 Responses to Cotton candy

  1. Cherish says:

    Yes, gorgeous colours indeed. Add in some sparkly eyes and a cute toothy grin = adorable.

  2. Christopher says:

    These are wonderful Tamar!

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