Europe (Part I)

We only arrived back about a month ago and Europe feels so far away already! We practically visit London and France each year as my family is in London and we have a family home in France. This  year my sister Taline got married so London was naturally the first destination.

Here is the lady herself playing with Ani.

It was a fabulous wedding and I would love to share some pictures with you in this post but alas I did not manage to take any on the day. I thought I would but other things such as ‘kids’ required my attention. I was happy to be just in the moment and to see my beautiful and talented sister get married to a lovely man.

So a few days after the wedding we headed to Vallauris in the Cote D’Azur. Yes, poor us! I must admit that I absolutely LOVE the South of France. It is a magical and beautiful place and I really appreciate the honesty of the French (which some people might interpret as being rude but as a direct person myself I find it refreshing after the politeness of Vancouver which is nice also – hmmm am I being polite?). Anyway, I digress…

Vallauris is best known for its ceramics and it is where Picasso was introduced to clay. There is also the Picasso Museum where his War and Peace painting is shown. His intense eyes are always watching the town, or so it seems.

So our days were mostly filled with family time. The children loved to go to the beach every day as anyone else in their right mind would. I usually cannot stay in the sun too long but this time round it was as if my body just wanted the sun, it was lovely…. Ahhh, I just closed my eyes for a minute and took myself back there in the warmth of the Mediterranean sun. Bliss.

We picnicked with my cousin and her family as they passed by on their way from London to Italy. A time for many reconnections.

For cousins to play and get to know each other better.

For picking raspberries…

For picking bright flowers…

and for smelling lovely French lavender…

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  1. Christopher says:

    Love this series Tamar–great use of selective focus and some really sweet shots of family

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