I am still here!

I don’t know what has happened lately – it is BUSY, very BUSY… Little man started school, as per my last post, and instead of life easing up a little it has created the opposite effect. However, we are happy and healthy and that is what is important isn’t it?

We just celebrated Thanksgiving in Canada and it was a long weekend spent with loved ones; family and friends. I was really touched by a phone call from a friend who was at another friend’s house on Vancouver Island and she had to call me to ask me to post some more pictures of my crochet as they were talking about crochet and other forms of creativity and they wanted to see my work. It instills a little more confidence in me when someone else appreciates my work, don’t we all want to have people admire our work and say nice things about them – I love doing that about other’s work.

So, Alix and Chantey, here are some pictures of my crochet which I don’t think I posted on this blog yet and if I already have then please forgive me. (btw, Chantey is a great artist – more on this lady later – and Alix runs Green Room Yoga in Vancouver)

Crochet bag – from Attic24

I think I have shown you this scarf before – again from Attic24

Some of my own creations – neck warmers

and finally, a cushion cover!

I will be back soon with lots of new jewellery – I am having great fun making them, well at least when I find the time which is not very often these days and her is a sneak preview!

Stay well until we next meet!


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4 Responses to I am still here!

  1. melina says:

    Good to see you back blogging! I was coming back the past days to see if you had new posts! I know it’s so busy! Same for me!
    We need to plan another girl’s night out- maybe when my brother leaves


  2. alix says:

    great! thanks so much tamar. love the jewelry. inspiring as always!
    would love to see you soon. xox

  3. chantey says:

    tamar, your crochet work is really fantastic and very inspiring. i have always been a knitter and last year i crocheted my first hat. the colours and amazing patterns that you are working with have got me thinking about trying the crochet needle again. well done mama! love, chantey xoxox

  4. T says:

    Thanks Alix, Chantey and Meli.
    Chantey, I remember crocheting with my grandmother in Lebanon – that memory didn’t come to me until my friend Meli started crocheting last year and I followed her…
    It is amazing what memory our brains hold only for them to surface with doing certain things or smelling certain smells…

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