Last Saturday was the 24th Illuminares festival at Trout Lake in East Vancouver. It was filled with magic, fun and togetherness.

And it was apt that our good friend and Jivan’s godmother, Kristin, would be with us on this lovely evening (along with Ivan, her lovely boyfriend).

A group of us picnicked at the park from 5pm onwards.

There was lots of play, throwing rocks into the lake as well as gazing at it.

Good friends.

New connections and kisses.

Perfect place for my Jivan.

The abundance of creative work was amazing. All by volunteers who gave their time to put smiles on the many faces of our community, near and far.

This year’s theme was “Let Your Bright Light Shine!”. And shine they did!

And that shimmer rippled through the many connections and conversations around the lake.

Until it was time to go home…


Our theme on EastSideWest this week was Festivals which for me was this!

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