It’s a kid’s life

Picture taking has been scarce in my life these last few days. It just has been too busy. However I have found moments in my children’s quirky and fun life where photographic documentation was required, at least for my records.

Ani is sleeping later and later these days so the other day she just crashed at 7pm which was a nice welcome as I got some time to myself to read while Jivan played on his own. As I was watching her sleep I noticed the sticker on her hand. It made me laugh.

Jivan loves playing with lego (as most boys do) and as I said, it is great to hear him playing in the background as I potter about the house or read a book.

I must dash now as Ani is standing at the front door kicking it, shouting ‘open, open’. hmmm….

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One Response to It’s a kid’s life

  1. Christopher says:

    Ah the exciting life of a parent–never a dull moment. My boy is obsessed with lego too which makes me very happy. Good things come from Lego–I’m convinced. Great shots Tamar!

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