Life in Pictures

I have been making Hexagons from the beautiful yarn.

as well as some granny squares! They are really fun to make, one by one.

Flavours of home (wherever that is) or should I say childhood bring back memories. Some Halloumi cheese with the best tabbouleh in the world, made by one and only mother! yummmieee!

The weather is very dreary in Vancouver, so colours such as these are much appreciated on short walks in the neighbourhood.

Keep on smiling!


ps I just added the recipe to the banana cake at the bottom of the page here.

pps haven’t been able to get much done in terms of jewellery lately. Will catch up on that soon I hope!

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One Response to Life in Pictures

  1. Dolores says:

    Thank you for sharing these precious things, they are like you: bright, cheerful, lovely and special.

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