Little note

My Little Man is very impulsive and for this he has got into trouble at school a few times. I have felt a little frustrated with this as it just does not feel good to be called in about 3 times in one particular week. So in order to help my adorable (and sometimes annoying) Little Man I am giving him positive affirmations like ‘I know you can do it’ and ‘I believe in you’. I think he feels good when I tell him these things and I do mean it of course when I tell him.

So on Friday, while packing his snack box I wanted to throw in a few jellybeans as a treat. I felt like writing him a note with it as a surprise (including a couple of affirmations in the note). He apparently was thrilled by this and I got a little note in return…

It is so precious to read this note. It does melt my heart.

And I am happy to see yet again the abundant creativity in his class…

So colourful and wonderful!

Some other colourful and wonderful items in the shop today, in time for the first day of Spring!

Orange Sakura Earrings

Spring Aqua Earrings

Spring Raspberry Sorbet Earrings

Wishing you all a happy first day of Spring!!!

Thanks for stopping by!


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One Response to Little note

  1. melina says:

    Oooohhhh! That love note from your J.- that’d melt my heart completely :)
    I love the new earrings and photos

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