I am back! We returned from our trip to Armenia just over a couple of weeks ago. It was a great trip with lots of picture taking and I am itching to share it all with you. However, I have to pace myself as time is limited and it is always best to take our time over these things, isn’t it?

I wanted my first post to reflect our second day in Armenia. We arrived in the early morning after a 30 hour trip which consisted of changing 3 planes and some layover time. Surprisingly the kids were very good although we were all naturally very tired upon arrival. Our first day was spent resting from our trip. It was a joy to see my parents and just be there with them!

We married in Armenia 8 years ago and we wanted to visit Saghmosavank, the 13th century monastic complex where we tied the knot. It is a stunning place overlooking a gorge on one side. We were all very jet lagged at the time but also excited to be there, now a family of four!

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2 Responses to Saghmosavank

  1. Corinna says:

    So happy to see you back in this space, and to see these beautiful images. Looks like a very special place indeed. xo

  2. Cherish says:

    Oh yes – even better on the big screen. Such gorgeous images and obviously such a special place. Love them all. xo

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