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I discovered Shutter Sisters a few weeks back and have been following their blog since. I read every post (I don’t just scan over them) as there is so much support and community within the words that are put out there by the Shutter Sisters.

I felt the urge to write after I read today’s post by Xanthe Berkeley. It created many feelings inside of me – feelings of hope, love, fear, joy and so on. Photography has always been one of my loves in my creative world, however, we have not been partners all along. I blogged a little about this here a while back but today I want to expand my thoughts a little.

I think often about the reasons why I didn’t take the path of photography and the things I could have done on that road. There are many reasons why we don’t follow certain paths – the following excerpt from “The Road You Didn’t Take” in the Follies musical soundtrack comes to mind.

You take one road,
You try one door,
There isn’t time for any more.
One’s life consists of either/or.
One has regrets
Which one forgets,
And as the years go on.
The road you didn’t take
Hardly comes to mind,
Does it?

But you know what? The road I didn’t take comes to my mind always and I think this year is the year I have begun doing something about it. You might wonder why it is such a physical and mental struggle for me to just do it, go out there and take pictures, work on projects and so on – well the struggle is from within me, it comes from a feeling of berating myself at times (although this is becoming less and less), and of comparing myself to other photographers, of regretting not taking that road… But after all is said and done, I look around me and I love what I see, I love my husband, my kids, my house, my life, the city we are living in (Vancouver is a hard place to love but once it allows you in its heart, it is pretty lovable). I am in love with all that is mine and what better place can I be in?

So, with the realisation and acceptance of this, of my limits and my creative power, I can walk on and keep on creating acknowledging my contemporaries but also learning to ignore them. To create truly, one has to be in a world where there are no comparisons and there is a feeling of uniqueness about the process (can we say something is unique when it is inspired by artists, life, objects around us – I say yes, it can be unique because we put a lot of ourselves in that process).

So, with this note, I am going to thank Xanthe for her post and I am going to keep on being vulnerable and put my work out there. Would love comments, ideas, disagreements – anything!

Psssst, did you know that Shutter Sister are hosting a Camp in October? And, I think I may be going, fingers crossed. It would be my first time away from my kids (actually no, I was away from my Little Man for one night once) but I think it will be a great experience for all. As I remember reading in an article, kids want a happy mama and a happy mama pursues her dreams to a certain extent.

Hope you are having a great and sunny day as we are in Vancouver!


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4 Responses to Shutter Sisters Love

  1. melina says:

    Very smart- a lot of insight and very well said- I can relate to SO much here.
    Looking forward to seeing photos of yours, the one from last post is lovely!

  2. ajira says:

    Keep making those photographs! Ignore the voice that tells you to stop anything that gives you joy.

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