Still here!

Yes I am here – still here!

But just barely… I had an awful allergic reaction to different chemically products about 9 days ago and I am still healing. I could post you a picture of how I looked but I will spare you the agony and horror of it all. ┬áReally, believe me, you do NOT want to see me like that!

So instead I shall entice you into my world with the lovely things around me such as…

Yummy, scrumptious banana cake. I will be sharing the recipe in a later post or I might just add it to this post when I find a moment later…

Beautiful, colourful yarn to crochet with! Aren’t they wonderful? They travelled all the way from London, England with my mother who is here visiting us for a few weeks. Very happy about both, but more about my mother being here of course! I got wind about these (very well priced) yarns from Lucy and bought 24 balls immediately. However, I had to have them delivered to an address in England and it would have cost a bomb to have it delivered to Vancouver. I like a good bargain when I see it! Thanks Lucy!

And finally, it still feels like Christmas when we receive parcels from our loved ones doesn’t it? We had a parcel sent from our beloved friend and Jivan’s godmother, Kristin, with yummy goodies (It was delivered to a wrong address and the lady there kindly brought it to us). Needless to say, the cookies were finished in one sitting, most of them eaten by my Little Lady and me – thanks Kristin Kouyrig (Kristin sister in Armenian!).

So, I shall love you and leave you as must rush to pick up the Little Lady from her day long playdate with her friends (aka daycare).

Take care


Added by moi: Banana Cake Recipe

1 cup of butter (I use vegetable oil sometimes)

1 cup of sugar

2 eggs

4 tbsp of milk

3 cups of flour (I usually mix wholemeal with white)

4 tsp of baking powder

dash of vanilla

4-5 bananas (I have been know to include 6 bananas to the cake – the more the merrier)

you can add chocolate chips or nuts also if you like – I never do.

- cream butter and add sugar, egg and milk – add bananas and mix – add flour and baking powder and vanilla – bake at 350 degrees F until brown on top and pick comes out clean.

You can also make these into muffins. Enjoy!

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