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Sibling Love

My kids are not the touchy feely kind. They will not approach you freely to give you a kiss or a hug. They are just not like that and I have come to accept it. They do however have their … Continue reading

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A day well spent

I was getting antsy. I felt like I was not taking enough pictures and if I was taking pictures it was mostly with my iPhone. I wanted to feel the big camera in my hands, I wanted to feel like … Continue reading

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More love

With the passing of each day, my love for this girl grows. When I don’t think I could love her more, my heart expands a teeny bit and gives room for more.  

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My Wild

One of my favourite blogs is You Are My Wild. I get excited to see a new post each week by the various photographers around the world who document how they see their children. The pictures are stunning and each … Continue reading

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Ani on Polaroid

I love this girl. I love photographing with my Polaroid cameras. I love Impossible film. It creates so many possibilities which appear like magic in front of your eyes. Yes, this girl is magic too.    

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This girl

Some days my girl and I stay home all day and read, play and allow ourselves some alone time. On days like this, while I potter about the house doing this and that suddenly I realise that it is all … Continue reading

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I have realised in the past little while that I really love taking portraits. Mainly of my kids as they are with me most of the time. I do have a couple of Haig too, one I took with Impossible … Continue reading

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Noravank, Datev & Karahunj

From our trip to Armenia last summer 2012. We took a day long trip to Noravank, Datev & Karahunj. Well worth it especially as we rode the world’s longest aerial tramway!

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Random on film

I really am enjoying using the Canon AV-1 as you can see from my post here. Here are some random pictures I took towards the end of 2012.  

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She turned 4 today.

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