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Reminiscing about Oasis

I have just gotten round to scanning all my medium format film from our Oasis trip back in October 2012! What beautiful gems I found in those rolls of film. Looking at these pictures makes me wish I could transport … Continue reading

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Oasis Magic

I don’t think I can sum up the pure magic that I felt last week at Oasis. My lovely creative partner, Cherish, and I started off with a flight to Vegas where we met up with Tara, Holly and Deb. … Continue reading

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Pure Magic

There is a lot that I am feeling and still processing from our few days at Oasis. I have started writing a post about it and it is in draft mode as I do not feel like I am ready … Continue reading

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Online Reality

When I first began writing this blog, I knew that I wanted to write about my creative endeavours, have a record of them to look back on. The blog began with some of my crochet work, I really did not … Continue reading

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To New Friends

What happens when like minded women get together? Well what else but a bit of unspoken pure magic? Thank you Corinna and Cherish for a fab time. Would have loved it to be longer… but wait, there’s Oasis – really … Continue reading

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Today was a very rainy Vancouver day but it was a great day. I got to experience my first, albeit short, photo walk with Cherish. Some of the colour around us prevailed despite the rain. and health wise it looks … Continue reading

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Mama I love you!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely mamas out there! Today, this is what I am grateful for. A painting for me by my baby boy. He is no longer a baby but a boy who is slowly becoming wiser … Continue reading

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London vs Paris – new photo blog

Isn’t this new project neat? A collaboration by photographers Xanthe Berkeley and Irene Nam, London vs Paris. Coffee in London and Paris. I truly miss both places! (pictures of course are by Xanthe and Irene) I will definitely follow this … Continue reading

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Shutter Sisters Love

I discovered Shutter Sisters a few weeks back and have been following their blog since. I read every post (I don’t just scan over them) as there is so much support and community within the words that are put out … Continue reading

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